Celebrity Death Notices: How important is popularity and photographs vs personal privacy?

January 20, 2016                                                                                       By Anthony Sicilia 

Before I begin with the subject above, I would to openly state that even though some may not like my point of view on the subject but I think the subject of death is one of the hardest subjects especially when it involves people in the public eye.

Even though I will not appeal to everyone’s sensitive side when it comes to subject at hand. I think I can speak for people everywhere when I say that death is a friend to no man, or woman.      With the recent string of celebrity deaths, I think it’s important to talk about the subject of death in a very respectful but candid manor.

My first question to the people is to ask them what they think of when they hear the word obituary. Even more than that, what they feel should and should not be warranted in a death notice.

There are many factors that should be taken into considering to write an obituary and here is a small list of just four.


  1. They are people first. What I mean by that is that they didn’t enter the world in a different way, we all entered the word through our mother’s womb. They may have entered life having a higher social than the average Joe or Jane but the important thing to remember is that celebrities are people to.
  2. I say this based on the fact that I have seen a terrible trend occur. Celebrities are more accessible to the public, more so now than ever before. Although the fans may see that as “cool” but the celebrities at hand may consider that to be a bit “annoying” Of course each answer could vary depending their Facebook and Twitter Feeds.


Impact: When we all read in the newspaper about when a celebrity dies, we read about this list of great accomplishments that often sounds like something similar to definition in Webster’s Dictionary.  Although having personal achievements and accolades mentioned in the media is nice it only describes a portion of the person’s personality. I feel it is more important to take time to be kind to anybody. Use wisdom and having compassion outweighs owning a billion dollar Computer Company.


Remember folks, at the end of the day the value should not be on the dollars you have in your bank but rather the dollars you’re willing to invest in people as far as making it a better place. After all money can be thrown out and burned away just like most high school math books, especially algebra.1231money

The third thing that should go into a celebrity obituary is what kind of person they were when the cameras stopped rolling and they got behind closed doors. The important thing to remember here is if they are different person in the public eye vs private than by all intense purposes they act fake, and that should not be. If that be the case how than can verify who the real person is. I understand acting, I understand creating a persona to keep the public interested. I know this because I was in the public eye for more than ten years. While in the public eye, I created a persona, however the people that I grew up with knew that guy on camera was not me.

At Ringside calling the action. 

I was a well-recognized sports reporter and journalist.  Through a series of circumstances I realized that I was running a race and I was so far off track that I was running backwards and in the wrong direction. When I realized I was headed in the wrong direction in life, everything fell from under my feet. Everything I knew, everything I once held so dear was gone. I had lost my identity but I did not lose my ambition. Now I realize that not everyone will share my experiences. However once I turned about 180 degrees to the right, I came to understand the most important questions are the ones that occur within yourself.

The fourth and most important aspect of this whole death notice editorial is faith meaning what is a person’s faith? I don’t say that to put a negative spin on things, I ask that question because sometimes a person’s faith comes down to how they live. As I said earlier. Death is a friend of no man or woman. The obvious and most certain fact is that it all comes down to a choice in life and faith. A man chooses the clothes he hopes to wear for the next day. For me, the roses and lilies spoke volumes when it came to my faith choice. “Most of the church songs I sing, I sing them because I believe in them no matter how old they may be.”

When it comes to a celebrities rarely ever do they talk about their faith because of some hidden Hollywood backlash? In fact most families of celebrities keep their faith hidden in a closet.  Again I say it’s important to not change who you are whether in public or private.

In my opinion that is the probably way to deal with the death of a loved one or a famous Hollywood A-List actor or actress. It’s valuable to handle to each case with compassion and dignity.bible-flower


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