Compelling or Corrupt: The Status of Family Entertainment

By Anthony Sicilia                                                                                                           January 27, 2016

“Gather in the living room to watch what’s on the tube.” That sentence alone is used to allow families to unite around the television. Yesterday, I took sometime to view a very popular movie franchise film and within five minutes of watching the movie, I saw three sexual references, and many more references to crime or murder.

The movie in question is very popular by the vast majority of moviegoers. Half the reason the franchised film is so well liked by many audiences is because of the secret language spoken by the lead character in the film. His name is “Kevin.” If you haven’t guessed what movie reference I’m discussing than I say bravo for not allowing such things to come into a home. If you are aware of what I’m talking about than you must have heard of the terms minions. The term minions is a term used to describe an evil band of mischievous people  aka Kevin, Bob and Stuart. 

Minions Movie (2015)

Minions were first introduced to us via the Despicable  Me movies starring Steve Carell. The Despicable Me and 2 make light hearted comic references to the importance of having the world’s most notable and renowned artifacts. The series pushed the humour button at just the right times. However with the third film installment in it’s film franchise, I think the directors and producers of such entertainment need to go back to the drawing board and re write the script to take note of their audiences they hope to entertain.

Popularity and it’s negative effects.

The Minions Clothing line is a hit with kids, youth and teens of all ages.

I should have realized that when a movie gains popularity from the eyes of the world, it would not be permitted to be viewed by the Christian because of its otherwise questionable content. When a TV series or movie series gets acclaim and acknowledgement from the majority rather than the minority than the film in question is heading down the broad road.  Bible believing Christians are supposed to be walking on the narrow road. These words are reused and recycled over and over again. “The bigger the explosion, the bigger the payout for box offices.”

That is to say that more action a person views on screen during a movies he or she rather enjoys. When this takes place viewers are a greater risk to decrease their morals if only for a short time and as long as it gets a good laugh with your co-workers around the water cooler it makes it somehow ok to view question content.  While Moral decline is on the rise. Wholesome family entertainment which is acceptable for the eyes, and ears of an entire family is almost non existent.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE — Season 1 — Pictured: (l-r) — Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

I understand that not everyone has my taste for good wholesome family entertainment however a children under the age of 14 does not need to be exposed to rather provocative  love scenes that leave little to the imagination. It is important that kids that young are taught a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. Also they should know the difference between what acceptable movies are vs not appropriate.  After shutting down the film after a few moments, there was a minor discussion about whether or not the film should be returned to the store.

However I had a different thought on the subject at hand. Rather than returning the film to the store and leave it for others to fall into the trap of what is acceptable family entertainment.

From a personal standpoint, I felt the only way to restore family unity is to immediately burn the film.That is to say, throw the inappropriate film into the fireplace. I have known for a while that sex sells, however I’m not into selling sex. I’m into providing a good moral standard for the country to live by. Good moral movies. are acceptable for the eyes and ears and most of all, it’s soft on the heart. The more proliferated Hollywood gets the more audiences want more.

In the film, there are several areas of nudity, alcohol and drug references. If all that kind of content is in a film supposing to be suitable for kids than I have to wonder who is behind the FCC. Even more than that, if the FCC which is the federal communications commission is allowing young children, kids and pre teens to view such SMUT than what isn’t the FCC showing us? What I mean to say is where is the balance, who sets the rules?

I value good entertainment as long as it doesn’t degrade my eyes or ears. I am all for watching a good movie that shares plenty of laughs, and also gets it’s targeted audience involved in the movie by thinking on a particular subject. There are a few companies out there that still produce good wholesome and thought provoking entertainment.

The Christian film company known as PureFlix is known for it’s production of God’s Not Dead, What If, Do you Believe and Christmas with a capital C. These movies are well produced and the writers of the film do a good job of tugging at the heart strings of their core audience of believers.

So thank you Pure Flix for providing an avenue of media resources that can be enjoyed by everyone under the age of 14 and their dogs too. Thank you for showcasing that morals in films can exist and to do that, you don’t need to see a reference to drugs, sex or rock and roll.  Thank you PureFlix for choosing to be a beacon of light in an other dark entertainment industry. believe











“At the end of the day, I do Believe and because I do believe, I will say that in my opinion I firmly believe that the creators of the Minions movie had it right in the beginning.  What  was once a light comedy has turned into a Despicable movie franchise.”

If Hollywood and the FCC allows a movie like the Minions to be a financial success with the means of exploiting sexual innuendos than what will be permissible   for the viewing audiences of future generations to come.


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