The Footprints of Funny Feet: Page 1 Friends, Nonna and God

Dear readers, I have something brand new for you. Over the next four months I’m going to be posting my autobiography online for the world to see and read. I titled the first entry of the book Friends, Nonna and God  The image I provided you with is simply used to showcase and share my life’s most biggest trials and greatest victories. The reason behind the simple image is because I wanted my readers to grasp the concept that I am presenting to them. I wanted them to feel like they  are apart of my book and could share my experiences. They each can do that by reading my life’s most dramatic details chapter by chapter.



Sometimes it becomes so difficult to write a page like this because even though I would like to pour my heart out to the people, I don’t want to make them tired before they even begin to read  chapter one.  I graciously dedicate this book to every person I have met in my life, the reason why is because without you there would be no story. 

If you were a schoolmate , college roommate, cow025-025-three-men-in-the-fiery-furnace-fullorker,  a church goer, doctor or a nurse  

I thank you for your impact on my life. However I know one that should be thanked most of all. His name is Jesus. I want to thank the Lord most of all, because without Him and his compassion, I wouldn’t be here at all and that’s a fact, He has  pulled me out of life’s most dangerous “ fires” more times than one. For that I am truly thankful.









As I begin to write the introduction to this  the story of my life, please understand me I did not decide to write autobiography based on pride or I did not intend to write and reflect on the following events to emphasize boasting of any kind. In this book that you are about to read, you may cry, you may laugh or even managed to smile a time or two. I hope that my autobiographical nonfictional piece of literature encourages readers to think outside the box. I’m a man that has to constantly think outside the box just to keep up with the general population in running the good race.


What is a prologue? defines a prologue as an introduction to setting a scene. What if I went against the grain and told you, my readers that a prologue is like a sandwich. I’m not talking about a tuna sandwich I’m talking about a real hearty filled sandwich that has lots of meat and toppings to go with it. Why do I think a prologue is like a sandwich?

A prologue is like a sandwich because……



A prologue is like a sandwich because, one must choose how to introduce the story the same way a sandwich artist must choose the bread as to work with. The next thing is sandwich artists’ works with as well as authors is adding a flavor or a sense of intrigue. It’s the flavors that captivate the taste buds of the consumer of that sandwich. In the same way, people who enjoy reading are always looking for a book that is intriguing to them. The words of a book act like the flavor, while the chapters act like the meat of the sandwich. After all, when it comes to writing an autobiography you can’t put   tuna on a real meaty sandwich because tuna is too light. The purpose of a prologue is to make the readers take an interest in one’s story.


This is where I write something intriguing a bit of information that stays with you for a lifetime. I can write action drama, comedy or even romance but the fact is my life is average at best and I like it that way. I’m not here to write you a compelling story that would leave you on the edge of your seat. I’m here to tell you the simple truth about the meaning behind the footprints of funny feet.  A lot of people t
throughout my life have claimed that I’m inspiration to them. However, I don’t live to inspire anybody. I lived to be inspired. I’m not an inspiration by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just a man, I don’t have superpowers or wear a special cape.

I simply live by one experience at a time.  It should be understood that not once did I ever think I would be done writing a book in a week or two. I started writing this book 15 years ago. It became a way of therapy for me when dealing with the sudden terrible loss of my grandmother who acted early on in life like my very own mother.

A hug from a your grandmother can make grey skies turn blue.


So without further ado I present the meaning behind the footprints of funny feet. The reason it has taken me 15 years to write a book such as this is because it deals with experiences and as we all know, you have to have experiences in in order to be able to write about them. Some of the names in this book will be changed in order to protect a number of people’s personal identities.  Before I go any further with this book, it must be understood that for the longest time I was considered an outsider to the world because of my  physical appearance. However when I came  to understand the true meaning of what it means to believe in God, I realized that God considered me beautiful from day one whether I was popular in life or not. When I began to realize that, I began to finally live life.  It was a death in the family that brought me to my knees and it nearly destroyed me, and it was God’s love that offered me shelter and protection even when I did not deserve it. Writing this book has been a journey that has been a rewarding one while at the time
, it has also humbled me. Maybe that’s why I have so much compassion for people because I want to share with them the same love that Christ showed me.  







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