The Footprints of Funny Feet: Chapter 8: Caught in Between The Ropes Chasing a Lion’s Tale

Before I start with this chapter, I would like to kindly state that even though he is a wrestler and rock star, that doesn’t diminish what I have learned from his book A Lion’s Tale, around the world in spandex. I believe that Mr. Jericho is a terrific writer and I thank God for walking with me even when I had my blindfold on.


In the summer of 2011, I began to believe a lie. I believed that because I was a super wrestling fan I would make  it to the WWE eventually. I would just have to study the wrestler’s lives inside the pages of their autobiographies. To do that, the first step I would take is to  purchase  Chris Jericho’s first of three autobiographies.  Here is the tale of the tape. Chris Jericho was born in the U.S. but he was raised in Western Canada. He was a fan boy like I was. It all started at his Grandmother’s house. Chris would eventually go to college to study journalism. As for myself I have immigrant parents as well. Also the fascination with wrestling began at my grandparents’ home as you have previously read.  I too would also go to college to study journalism.

My actual work desk. 

The only difference between myself and Chris is I have black hair he has blonde. He also outweighs me by 100 pounds, he is taller and has a larger bank account than I do but what does being tall and rich with blonde hair have to do with anything really…… It doesn’t matter and this is why I am writing a chapter like this in my autobiography.  The odds are that Chris will NEVER EVVVVER read this, but on the off chance he does. I would like to thank him publically. Why? There is one chapter in his book that really stood out to me, it made the biggest impact on me.


Book written by Chris Jericho. 


The title of the chapter is Bibles, Body slams and Biscuits. That chapter would make  me realize how much I would appreciate the Bible over a body slam any day of the week however I wouldn’t come into that knowledge until much later on into my wrestling broadcasting career.  I began my wrestling career first at the bottom, working for websites writing columns and doing podcasts. The company I worked for were so impressed with my wrestling knowledge that I began have an ego. I thought I deserved more than just writing wrestling columns that hardly anybody read. So I made the bold move and decided to try out for a well-known sports company that specialized in talking about wrestling. I applied to be a columnist for a well-known Canadian sports company the kicker was that we traveled to meet and interview the wrestler’s one on one. I was with the company for seven months and in that seven months I interviewed so many famous faces, and yes I even met my grandfather’s wrestling hero Bruno Sammartino. A few months after I was let go, I would join the wrestling independent circuit as part of the broadcast team. How did I get to work for them? I began to work for the company thanks to power of email.


All I did was send an email.  When Chuck Mayes added me to the roster, I could see the eyes looking at me wondering if I was worth the price of admission which at that time was only 10 dollars. If I could read the minds of the sports entertainers, I could pretty much assume that the majority of them were questioning Chuck’s state of mind for bringing a person adding him to the broadcast team even though I had obvious physical limitations.  For the longest time, wrestling was my God, and little did I have any idea as to what extent. I was willing to be a broadcaster, write magazine articles and produce videos for purchase at merchandise tables all the while not getting paid even a quarter in change for my work.  That’s when the wrestling deception began, on TV they make the entertainment aspect of it so glamourous but think about it, what’s so glamorous about it?

In Exodus chapter 20:2-3 

2 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me. 

At ringside moments before the first bell. 



 I can tell you first hand, that being inside the business wasn’t not glamourous. The only thing that needs to shine like the brightest jewel is the Word of God. Once I quit the company, I was asked by a friend in the locker room if I would like to write for a women’s wrestling magazine, and like a fool I accepted the opportunity, the reason behind this is because I was going on my own way of thinking. The bible clearly states in the Book of Proverbs that “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it only leads to death.” Proverbs: 14:12.  After I worked with the magazine for a year, I was informed that we had a upcoming wrestling tour heading to Chicago to headline and work with one of the biggest women’s wrestling organizations known famously the world over as Shimmer. I was excited because I knew that quite often at Shimmer wrestling shows are often WWE big wig talent scouts.



The door was opened, I was ready to sign the contract. I could feel that working for the WWE was in my grasp. A week later, my boss informs me that the company will not be traveling to Chicago because the company became suddenly bankrupt. I was disappointed to say the least.  After all I had put so much time into knowing every little detail about the sports entertainment business. Now I had my dreams crushed, to add further to the monetary torture, over the span of three years, I spent well over $5,000 on books, magazines, DVD’S and televised special programming. What I was supposed to do now, I thought to myself.


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