Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling of Life

Today, I feel led to clarify something. I am urged to press on. I need to break through the glass ceiling of life with a really big hammer called tenacity.

Anybody that has followed my blog knows that I am journalist by trade. However there is a problem … The job market for journalism is hit an all time low.  I’ve chosen to break my silence on this issue. If you have followed my blog, you would know that I got my start in journalism covering  sports. maxresdefaultDuring my time in sports, I covered everything from hockey, Summer Olympics and Professional Wrestling among other things.. For quite sometime now, I have felt frustrated and useless as far as my career in journalism goes. When I say that I am frustrated, what I truly mean is that I want to pick people up and shake them awake. This is especially true when sending my resume out to media groups or just a regular job at a cab company in the position of dispatcher.   Half the reason, I started this blog is based on the idea of never letting my skills go to waste. Now you must understand I’m not here to complain or fuss, I am well aware that times are tough and sometimes like fish who swim with the current so as well do people do for a time being.


However it must be understood that the state of journalism is in trouble because technology is growing too fast.  That is not to say it is a bad thing. Having advances in technology is good, and or bad, it is a double edged sword just like with anything in life. Ex: Food is great for the body because it gives you physical food to stay alive but food is a bad thing if you are a diabeticgiphy are prone to eat too much sweets. The problem with journalism these days is that anybody with a computer, an internet connection and or a phone could consider themselves to be a journalist. So than the validity of journalism ethics gets called into question.

The idea for this blog came about because I didn’t want to lose the skills that I paid such a high price for. Before this blog was started I sought out advice from a former school mate of mine. What I needed was a “wake up Jimmy moment.”


So when I asked this person for advice, she was nice enough to say very simply, if you love to write, do that.

“If you choose a job you love you will never have to work a day in your life.”

For arguments sake let’s call my friend that gave some much needed words of wisdom (Lucy) The fact that I took the opportunity and I asked Lucy for advice frightened my former 13 year old self. The reason has to do with the Jimmy Olsen Lois Lane complex. What do I mean? I mean, at age 13, I rarely spoke to this girl. At 13 I was even scared to look at her in the face because for fear of making myself look like a complete moron. Point blank, I was rather nerdy in middle school and she, well she wasn’t.


Former nerds like myself don’t talk to the Lois Lane’s of the world.  Earlier today I was asked by a friend of mine, if I am chasing after God’s will or mine own?

The whole reason for this blog post today was based around that single question.

Now I don’t make it a secret that I’m Christian. I love being Christian. My compassion for people and their day to day life is what made me want to write stories that people can trust and rely on in the first place.

I will say this, the moment that you become a Christian, and I’m not talking about just wearing a T-shirt or a cross around your neck. I’m talking about studying, living and breathing the Bible for the best answers. To the common man that might seem to be a bit overwhelming.

However it’s really more beautiful than confusing.   No I don’t want to go the way of the world, I want to use my skill and passion to promote a higher calling upon my life. I do know that since becomingdownloadming a Christian my options as far as faith based quality journalism is limited.  The reason behind this because I don’t look to gain achievements just for myself.


My priorities have changed drastically, but that doesn’t mean, I am going to hide under a rock away from the world for fear of percusition. I love percussion if I wasn’t being percussuted I wouldn’t feel challenged and if I’m not challenged however then could I rise to the occasion?  So to answer Lucy’s question, I love to write, I may even begin a podcast program based on these topics.


NerdForNews may been just a nickname I gave myself in the latter part of my days in college however the more I write, the more the ideas surface. The more I can see NerdforNews not just becoming a nickname in college, I can see branding the name and make it as my own.


Relevant Magazine

This hurdle in life is just waiting for me to jump over. If I think small, than I will be small, if I think big than I can broaden my perspectives on working in the field of faith and journalism. That’s how you overcome small town living. Be prepared to have some big city thinking.  My passion for writing, reading and talking will not go unnoticed. The reason why it won’t go unnoticed is because I carry a big hammer with me called tenacity.



Lastly, I want to say thank you to Lucy for lighting a fire under my ambitions in life. Your advice was just the medicine I needed to gear my mind towards bigger city living as far a higher purpose goes. It has helped me not think that I’m cubically contained but rather, I welcome the opportunity to think outside the box. 

That is how you break through the glass ceilings of life. When that doesn’t work, go to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger and think it over until it becomes a strategy that you can find success in.



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