A Journalist’s Approach to the Job Interview



The idea for this blog post came about after reading another blog entry from another WordPress user. I will post her link to the blog that spurred this entry when I’m done with this entry on my own behalf.

In summarization of the blog I read this morning, the writer known as the White Crayon to her online audience expressed the fears of the common folk when discussing how nervous she was about her first job interview. After reading her entry I felt lead to give her some encouraging words. Who AM I and why does that matter? I am a journalist by educational trade. I have  been on both sides of the chair during an interview.  Without further anticipation here is “A Journalist’s Approach to the Job Interview.

There are SEVEN Basic Rules people must take in account when being called upon for an interview.

  1. imagesHave confidence:  Having Confidence makes all the difference in the world: Have confidence  in yourself, and your speech I often get  asked by people if I was ever nervous when I interviewed people in the sports industry? The short answer is No. The reason is because I knew that I had a job to do and that was my biggest challenge. I had no time to be nervous, I was far too busy asking questions. I did have butterflies but as soon as I got to the place where I needed to be and I sat in front of my story, I  always spoke to myself before the interview. Not in a crazy way, just gearing myself up for the task that lie ahead.  “When I got to the interview, I tied shoes a little tighter made my tie a little straighter and I was ready to turn those butterflies into fire that would sustain me during the whole time of the interview.
  2. rantimage_lrgDon’t Rant: I can’t express this enough. When you get to a job interview it is very important not to rant
    the reason is because  this isn’t social media. It’s important to give short, smart quick responses. Every answer during a8135Sw2wmeL._SL1500_n interview should be approximately 15-20 seconds long.  The word Rant is defined in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary   as an action to talk loudly and in a way that shows anger : to complain in a way that is unreasonable
  3. Christopher_Reeve_Margot_Kidder_Balcony_Superman_The_Movie_IIKnow your subject: Pretend you’re interviewing Superman. Which means, when going into a interview, I always made sure that I made my subject was the most important person in the world for that brief moment in time. Knowing subject makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes your sense of readiness will determine how well you have researched your topic/subject.
  4. Follow the Dress Code:what-to-wear-to-your-job-interview

Knowing how to dress during an interview makes either a good first impression or a bad one. Most of the time the Employers will strictly judge a person in the first 10 seconds of an interview based on what a person is wearing to interview. However if you get a job interview at Mcdonalds in the position of server, you don’t have to wear a suit unlessMcdonalds2_3098241b you want to apply for the manager of the place. Even than that’s a little presumptuous because there is ladders one must climb in industry before getting to the position of manager. The first step would be to get hired. 

5. : Social Media: Dislikeillegal-rave

Social Media is a big part of how people stay connected to friends and family. However Social media is often misused or neglected to it’s own users. How is this possible? It’s possible because whenever someone applies for a job one of the first things that a company does before hiring you on is check your Facebook and Twitter. If you have pictures on your Facebook about partying at a rave or if have a tendency to get upset and rant to people about the problems you have with people. The chances of you getting the job interview is very slim to none. To think  one little comment or picture on social media could make or break the chances of you landing your dream job.

6. Be on Time: telco-jobs-interview-adviceOften times, time plays a huge factor into whether a person is the first candidate for the position, the last candidate, the best or even the worst person to fill the requested position. There are many times that people don’t take time into a factor when going to a job interview. It’s unique because it would be something that is in there control. If you’re job interview is at 10:00 o’clock it’s important be there 30 minutes before the interview takes place.


7. Speak, Listen and Learn1430721291515When it comes to an interview it is important to Speak to the people conducting the interview. Don’t speak at length to the point that you’re winded and nervous. However it’s important to speak. The second thing to do during an interview is listening to the way they respond to your answers. The last thing to remember during an interview is to learn. This also goes back to listening. It’s important to listen and learn. Learn about the company by having the people interviewing you tell you a little bit about their company.

Those are my pointers on how to ace the interview.


Here is the link to the blog post that spurred this entry….

Live, Work and Life



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