Don’t Let Your Mirror Define Your Beauty (Special Interview)

This Blog Post is written for BeautyBeyondBones. 

Anthony Sicilia                                                               February 23, 2016

To the everyday reader of women’s magazines, sometimes the perception of beauty can be lost even before a single photo is taken. Over the past few weeks, I have taken the time to cover this issue, awkward pause.  Some of the readers may think what do I know about how to be beautiful? You’re a man…  What do I know about getting my hair cut, lipstick and eye liner applied to my face? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

However as a man, I can sympathize and the reason why is because I will not be on the cover of GQ  Magazine and if by some odd chance I do make the cover of Time Magazine, I would probably lose my watch.

I have spent sometime trying to get the bottom of the question of what makes a woman beautiful. How does a person go about defining what’s beautiful and what just doesn’t make the cut?photographer1

The answer lies within what the industry desires. To get to the heart of the issue, I spoke with a former classmate of mine, who of course knows a little bit about the power of a photograph. For argument sake, let’s call my interviewee “Lilly” Lilly is a wonderful person, who has a wealth of experience when it comes to being in front of a camera. Yes, Lilly is beautiful, that’s a given but if I may be so bold such as to say, Lilly also has a beautiful attitude about life. Here is Lilly’s response when I asked her about what it is like to be a model?Beautiful-girl-in-the-autumn-season_2560x1600


Modeling isn’t much different from being a professional athlete. You have to meet specific physical criteria to perform successfully.

Beauty is just an industry. Unfortunately, it puts pressure on some people, but in the end — it is only an industry. And I believe people forget that, or else the beauty market would fail.

  • Lilly-

Lilly’s response was beautiful in its own right. She identified some of the issues she deals with on an everyday level. Thank You Lilly for your time in answering the age old question about beauty. I will go on record to say that I personally know a lot of beautiful women and perhaps the thing that seemingly shocks me every time is they are not just hair and makeup kind of girls. They have a lot more to offer than just smiling for the camera.

The reason I felt compelled to cover this topic is because of a blogger buddy of mine who shares a rather heart wrenching story about battling with the mirror. She is a self proclaimed “ED WARRIOR.” and she has spunk too…

Don’t let your bathroom scale define BEAUTIFUL!

.My readers may ask what do I know about anorexia or eating disorders? The answer may shock you because I grew up with an eating disorder.  I may be a happy 140lbs these days thanks to just the right amount of protein shakes and never giving up when it came to putting in a full two hour workout in the gym, but I wasn’t always like that. No I didn’t get the don’t give up mantra from a John Cena T-shirt I did what I had to do to survive. As a former eating disorder victim, there was a time that a bag a potatoes actually weighed more than I did. At 12 years, I weighed 45 pounds.

There was also days of great peril. My father and mother went by week to week wondering when they would have to plan my funeral.

Enough about me though, this blog post is not about me, it is about how the the Dove Beauty Commercials are taking a step in the right direction. They want to make women aware of not how beautiful they can become but how beautiful  they already are.

A photo shopped face.

The Price of Beautiful

Even more than that as a society, as an industry fashion and beauty experts really have to study who exactly they are trying to reach with their message. You have to look a certain way because so and so is is the cover. Beautiful is NOT a measurin stick to which to justify the constant propaganda upon young girls.

Just who are the beauty experts targeting?

Beauty OnSlaught

Here is a link to the blog post that gave me the idea for this post today.

Together let’s start a revolution to tell girls that they have the kind of Beauty that goes beyond there bones.

Battling The Mirror


I will now leave you with this poem…..

Beauty is not defined by kind of makeup you wear. 

Beauty is not defined by the colour of your hair.

Beauty is a secret word, and the definition of it is often miss heard thanks in part to a photo blurb. 

Beauty is not defined by lights, camera action. 

When a woman realizes that her goes beyond that photographs featured in a magazine then the true beauty can be seen. Once she realizes that she is fearfully and wonderfully made he will begin to realize her true beauty within herself can never fade. >


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