The Cost Of Nail Riven Hands

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

The Cost of Nail Riven Hands Project Bible 365 Day (19)

Commericialism will tell you that chocolate bunnies and easter eggs are an essential part of the holiday known as Easter.  Although the story of the Easter bunny is a creative one. There will come a time where the youngsters of  this genAugustus-Gloop-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-31958202-1024-768-1-eration  will have questions and yes sometimes even chocolate won’t always be a quick fix  for them… As wonderfully delicious as chocolate may seem, the only that can fix our problems is Jesus. Today I wanted to take sometime to talk to you about the cost of nail riven hands. Listen up Mr. or Mrs Nicodemus. download (4)

The Isreali teacher asked Jesus this question. How can a man be born again. Jesus and his nail riven hands cost a lot. When he died for you,whether your name is Jimmy, isaiah-53_4-5Jane Johnny or Bobbie Sue you’re tab of death was paid with his blood.  The blood of Jesus is the most important thing in a Christian’s life. It’s more thadd_toon_info (12)an just singing a song in Church on Sunday. We celebrate Jesus this coming weeknd because he arose from the grave.  Now there are a few things I have to address.

  1. The Cry.
  2. 2. The Blood.
  3. The Deception.
  4. The Grave.

I would like to address the cry of Jesus when he said “father why has thou forsaken me.” What was really going on at the time of the cry is God in all his wisdom had to turn his back and plug his ears so that the plan of redemption could be fullfilled.

2. The Blood that Jesus our savior shed on Calvary has life giving power and anybody who doesn’t think that is foolish.  Although the blood gives us power over demonic forces there are certain contions we must adhere to. We must be able to live free from all sin. If we say we can’t because Adam sinned then we are decieved.

We as true Christians and under grace and with that type of Grace comes the new Adam we must follow his name is the Christ Jesus.

The blood of Jesus is more than just the song sung on Sunday during service. It’s reality the blood of Jesus is the reason that wall of partition came down when Jesus laid down his life for the Lost World.

3. Thstop-with-the-excusese Deception

It should be understood that, there is a cost for misusing the blood. There are Christians out there who believe that everybody sins. They believe this kind of false teaching because the plastic Christians as I like to call them rely so heavily on a minister to teach them the Word rather than study the Bible for themselves.

Church membership doesn’t get you to  heaven. Being doesn’t get you through the gates of pearl. Only following Jesus 100% of the way is how we get the opportunity to walk the streets of Glory. What I mean by that is this, we as Christians are to be like Jesus in every way which means if He had no sin, we too must have no sin. Jesudownloads confirmed that way we are Christians that made new by his blood should act.



4. The Grave. Christians in this era must take the time to understand that Jesus walked out of the tomb.4_victor-death This past weekend was Easter. I was fortunate enough to being in service this weekend. During my time in the U.S. I heard a teaching that shook my core belief in Christ. While listening to the sermon about the whipping post I couldn’t but cry within myself.

The teaching itself was so real vivid that I felt like cringing and crying  at the same time. in the as I sat quietly in the pew. The  message and the entire weekend was so profound that the Holy Ghost gave me titles for four new devotionals. Glory be to God.

This Concludes the message for tonight on Project Bible 365 Day (19)

One final question for all my readers.

Would you take the place of Jesus on the cross  if God asked you? 


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