Respecting The Process Of A Storyteller Through The Art Of Sound

College What’ s It All About?


ncaa-sweatshirts No College isn’t about what Hollywood perceives it to be and most certainly college is not about representing  your favourite sweaters to support your school in their pursuit of athletic Excellency whatever that means anyway. The road to college hasn’t been an easy one. Going to college with a disability is a bit different. My life has always been about overcoming obsolesces.

Even though going to college with a disability hasn’t been an easy one, it is possible.

Since the beginning my time here on planet earth, I have been storyteller, I have been influenced by storyteller and I’ve listened to storyteller… I’ve many years in college and I have learned a fair bit of information.  In college I have learned what it means to fail, what it means to succeed and what it means to have passion for your studiesSweatshirts-3

life__s_a_puzzle__by_shutter_shooter-d4vcg0pI will let in on a little secret, not everybody that goes to college has an clear idea of what they want to do with the rest of their lives..  Some people don’t find their passion for their studies until later on in the last stages before graduation. To put in terms you understand going to college is like finishing a puzzle. In your first years you’re presented with just a few pieces. It’s only through a period of constant study and learning that more pieces become revealed to you.

I began to study journalism because I loved to write. However in my first year I didn’t have the mechanics to be successful. In addition, I felt like I was competing with my very classmates for a job and my body couldn’t keep up. It fell apart. I went through three stages of burnout. images (5)

In being honest with all of you here today, I never realized what I wanted to do with my life as far a career path goes not until I was in my third year of four. I had an opportunity to study Radio journalism specializing in the news department.

I instantly experienced a great feeling almost like a career in radio should be my focus. The reason why is because unlike journalism, there is no need to carry around a 50 lb camera strapped to your back while filming in a Canadian winter storm.

Instead I get the great honour of using my skills and talents to talk to the whole world about the most interesting subjects and extraordinary people. I’m very pleased to work along side Adam to help him maintain quality content that all listeners can enjoy.

For myself on a personal level the college comeback means a lot to me because I find great value in speaking with people, after all I am a storyteller. Except this time, the story is not about me, it’s about my future guests on the program and most of all, it’s about the listeners relating to guests. At respecting the process we want to inspire and ignite passion through the art of sound.

Thank You Adam 🙂



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