Beauty In The Eye Of a Guy

By Anthony Sicilia

When someone talks about the topic of beauty, no one ever expects the male gender to have an opinion on it. This is exactly where the fourth wall of stereotypes can be broken down. Most of the time when someone hears a topic that discusses beauty the authors are usually women. Most of these women are experts in their field, some are doctors, some are psychologists and some are even former models.

What if a guy shared views on women such as the impact of Twitter and Instagram, generational gaps in sex appeal and last but not least how do you define your beauty with the Dove campaign? These are the three topics that will be discussed in this persuasive essay on why modesty in modern day is important.

With the use of social media sites like Twitter and Instagram more focus is put on a women’s physical attributes than her vocabulary. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” Fred R. Bernard.   It’s important to understand that as the population  changes so does its standard of style and public image. The general consensus according to female Magazine readers is that the skinnier you are the better looking you are or the less clothing you wear the more attractive you’ll be to the opposite sex. Personal and professional image it’s all about that.  I’m sure the modern magazine writers of the day will tell you nine out of 10 times that sex sells.  What about a person’s self-esteem in selling that image?

The Dove campaign is a very well-known campaign that focuses on real beauty. How do they focus on real beauty? They focus on real beauty simply by focusing on a woman’s smile, her laughter and her face. Modern-day modesty for the female generation is important because it presents an image that is acceptable for all people. It presents the idea that women don’t have to wear a bikini tops and skinny jeans to attract attention. Instead the focus on the female gender should be on her face, her smile, and her personality. This was a persuasive essay written on the topic of beauty with the subtopics being beauty as it relates to social  media, the Dove campaign and of course generational gaps in-between baby boomers and the new kids on the block aka the millennials. Too much focus these days are given to the clothing women should buy to make an impact. Not enough focus is given to women about wearing a warm smile that costs absolutely nothing.


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