A Case For Trump: Credibility Vs Accountability

Journalism is officially dead because objectivity no longer exists…. I’m calling out all news agenciesjournalismes around the globe that drum up news based on their own opinions..   I can do this because I was a journalist for more than 10 years…  One of the biggest news features of 2017 is that Donald J. Trump has become President of the United States of America. Somehow that’s a bad thing? Hey World wake up Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota and Arnold became governor of California. Ronald Reagan the actor also become President of the United States . in his own right.

god-or-google-test-620x314This is the year of 2017 and Mr. President is dealing with a lot more pressure from around the world more than other members of #POTUS have dealt with in the past because of the advancement of technology, such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and let us not forget the power of Google.  More  people in this generation rely on the influences of the web  and television. Most people of this generation doesn’t read books, newspapers and they certainly don’t pray for guidance.  Social media sites like Instagram is nothing but cancer for the eyes. “Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are just avenues that allow people to feel like big shots while debating with their neighbour over the taxes and what kind of dish soap  to buy at the grocery  storePower-of-the-Tongue-600px-Icon.”A Sinful Selfie   Over the past few weeks I have read the reports, I have seen the headlines and I have heard the thoughts from people in a high ranking position from a get-vote01journalistic standpoint. I have one question. When did the country of Canada become a nation of democrats?  An Eye for an Eye is NOT the Answer 

 Each news agency around this country has tried to sway people’s points of view on  how to think about the newly elected President. I am calling every news agency out on the account of false information because news in 2017 is now created on the basis on personal opinion. 

I’m calling all news agencies out on the essence of accountability on their own published news reports. It doesn’t matter if you work on television, radio, write newspapers, write blogs , Twitter updates or Facebook  statues.  I’m going to be very honest with the citizens of the earth. If the democrats won the election, the republicans wouldn’t have been happy. Regardless of the election results it happened. The only way to stay united as a country and certainly a trading partner with the Americans is to work with the current President. If we as two nations don’t bond on  common ground than our two nations will crumble within much in the same way the fall of the Roman empire and the various empires before them did.


Here are my 12 pieces of advices for the new President of the United States.\

  1. Be of Cheer blessed are ye when men revile you. 
  2. Continue shun evil. 
  3. Bring back the Bibles in our schools and the guns will disappear. 
  4. If you allow the atheists to take God’s name off your money. the country will be in chaos. 
  5. Pray  for the guidance to lead the nation the way God can make his face and his favour to shine upon the country. 
  6. Read your Bible at least three times a day. (KJV is the oldest one that be tested again and again and yet yield the same answers. NO other Bible in the world can do that. 70 Men in England proved that theory. 
  7. Consult your great counselor on every big decision and he shall plan paths gefor your feet.
  8. Pray for your enemies…
  9.   Humility as president is important. 
  10. Love conquers all things, it destroys hate, wars breaks down barriers of languages. 
  11. When the sun is shining on  you and things look good, thank God. 
  12. When the storm rages around you. Seek God. 

God Bless America and God Bless Donald J. Trump the President of the United States. 


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